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Olive Oil Photography

Faro del Albir
by Antonio Alcaraz

Olive variety:


Processing system:

Cold press

Harvest stage:

Early harvest (pre-Envero)


Less than 0,20 degrees



The liquid gold of L’Alfàs del Pi

Extra virgin olive oil, made of 100% Picual olives, and  obtained by mechanical processes. The chosen olives, always of the Picual variety, are harvested early while still on the tree and with the shortest possible time between harvesting and milling. 

Faro del Albir is a slightly fruity olive oil with notes of fresh grass, fresh grain and tomato. It is stable with a high content of polyphenols, which is why it can give a spicy sensation on the palate.

It is a versatile extra virgin olive oil that is suitable for cold and warm usage. The Picual olive ensures that the oil remains stable for a long time and can tolerate heat without oxidizing and becoming unhealthy.

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