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Ñ by Antonio Alcaraz

Olive variety:


Processing system:

Cold press

Harvest stage:

Green ripe stage





An extra virgin olive oil made of quality

Ñ is made from 100% Picual olives in the Spanish province of Jaén. We are not interested in quantity but in quality and have chosen to harvest the olives early in the season. 

An early harvest gives a strong and fresh grass-scented EVOO that retains its good properties for a long time if properly stored: protected from light, air, and heat.

The Picual variety is a strong olive with a character that gives the oil body and a spicy aroma of olive, fig, or tomato leaves, typical of Picual oil and very elegant. On the palate, you can also taste the characteristic bitterness of this Picual olive.


The excellent quality of our product is confirmed by the many national and international awards it has won in recent years:

  • Athena IOOC, Gold 2022 🥇

  • Olive Japan, Gold 2022 🥇

  • Berlin GOOA, Platinum 2021 🥈

  • London LIOOC, Platinum 2021 🥈

  • Los Angeles LAIOOC, Gold 2021 🥇

  • New york NYIOOC, Gold 2021 🥇

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