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Our olives are grown, harvested, pressed and bottled in Canena, Jaén, Spain, to create an exquisite extra virgin olive oil. The result is a superior 100% Spanish olive oil unrivaled in quality and composition of flavour, color, texture and freshness.


The essence of our lands makes the Picual olive variety special. Picual is a noble olive that gives stable and flavourful oil. With the care and know-how of our farmers, always advised by the most experienced professionals, and without disregarding the traditional care of the tree and its fruit, we can extract the very best from these olives that grow in centennial and millennial olive trees in our olive groves in Canena.



Once the cultivation phase of the tree and its fruit is completed, harvest begins, also known as the start of the oil-making process. We harvest at the beginning of October when the olives are still very green and the production is more scarce but the quality is superior. Our olives are hand-picked, which avoids the olives and the trees to be harmed.


The harvested olives are then carefully and immediately transported, selected, and washed. This process is followed by grinding - a mechanical process of crushing the olives into an olive paste.


The paste is then pressed to separate the oil from the water and the pomace, centrifuged, and finally stored at the appropriate temperature (between 15 and 18 degrees) before the packaging can start. 


Settled on hilly and clayey lands, rich in the natural nutrients necessary for its cultivation, its geographical location and its climatic characteristics mean that its oils are between the sweetness and softness of the lower Guadalquivir area and the aromatic intensity of the higher areas from Jaén.

With the information obtained from continuous foliar, water and soil analyses, the technicians of the IPA (Integrated Production Agriculture) provide adequate advice on the management of olive groves in an efficient, profitable and sustainable manner, on cultivation techniques and irrigation to be applied, which must be strictly complied with by the farmers.

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