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Bodegas Antonio Alcaraz

Bodegas Antonio Alcaraz was born in the early 2000s, a project guided by the vision of two traditionally entrepreneurial families. Six generations are dedicated to the cultivation of vine and winemaking.


The growing and selection of the best grapes and the determination to present our wines in Spain and far beyond are the principles and motivations that guide our project.


Our winery and vineyards are located in Laguardia, at the bottom of Cantabria’s mountain range, the cradle of the best wine of La Rioja. Rioja is now one of the five best-known and most prestigious wine-producing regions of the world. All of our wines are produced under the DOCa La Rioja.

Madre Unica.png

Madre Única

Signature wine | D.O. Ca. Rioja

100% Tempranillo signature wine . Aged for 12 months in the same French oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place. Intense red color with violet hues.  Aromatic complexity on the nose. It combines fruity notes with spices, and elegant aromas acquired during aging, in barrels and in the bottles, stand out. Pleasant, silky on the palate, fresh and full bodied. A very balanced wine that creates expressive sensations in the mouth.


Signature wine | D.O. Ca. Rioja

DSEO, which means "Desire" in Spanish, is the newest creation of our winery, which recreates contact with the freshness and aromas of the Sierra de Cantabria. A wine with its own identity and brilliance.

Gloria de Antonio Alcaraz

Gloria de Antonio Alcaraz

Signature wine | D.O. Ca. Rioja

Gloria by Antonio Alcaraz is one of the most elegant products of our Rioja winery. It has acquired impressive characteristics during its aging, which unfolds in a nose full of nuances and fresh and lively flavors on the palate. Some marked but velvety tannins stand out, which makes its structural characteristics a very pleasant experience.

El Abuelo Pedro

Signature wine | D.O. Ca. Rioja

Signature wine. With a cherry red color and violet edges and border. Powerful and balanced on the palate with an elegant and persistent finish. On the nose,  it has a fresh and fruity aroma.

El Abuelo Pedro.png

LODI Blanco

Signature wine | D.O. Ca. Rioja

Medium bodied white wine with a clean and bright appearance. On the nose, intense in aroma but fresh at the same time. Presence of aromatic herbs, citrus and delicate aromas provided by the barrel. Tasty on the palate, with volume and good acidity. Great balance between fruit and barrel, with spicy and creamy notes predominating.

Altea de Antonio Alcaraz

Young wine | D.O. Ca. Rioja

A young rosé wine, with salmon pink appearance. On the nose, very fresh with hints of fruit. Very cheerful on the palate due to its youth, with citrus tones and persistent but very pleasant acidity.

_Cza-AA-BORGOÑA sin añada.png

Crianza Antonio Alcaraz

Crianza | D.O. Ca. Rioja

Aged for 15 months in new French and American oak barrels. Cherry red in color with a cherry rim. On the nose, a wine of great aromatic intensity, piercing and at the same time very fresh with hints of black fruits such as blackberries. Balsamic, eucalyptus, roasted coffee beans, liquorice, cinnamon and with a vanilla finish. Powerful and tasty on the palate; with a very marked acidity, but at the same time very balanced. 

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