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Olive Oil Photography
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Prada by Antonio Alcaraz

Olive variety:


Processing system:

Cold press

Harvest stage:

Green ripe stage





An excellent extra virgin olive oil

100% Picual EVOO, from olives harvested in green stage ripeness and cold extracted, with an acidity of 0.15 degrees. Herbaceous aromas, olive leaf, fig tree and tomato - typical aromas of Picual olives. On the palate, in addition to a powerful body, the characteristic bitterness of the variety can be appreciated, but its still very balanced with the fruit. Picual oil provides body and an intense flavor.


The excellent quality of the product is confirmed by the many national and international awards it has won in recent years:

  • Athena IOOC, Gold 2022 🥇

  • Olive Japan, Gold 2022 🥇

  • London LIOOC, Gold 2021 🥇

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